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  • What are Google Play codes?

  • Google Play Codes are codes that you are to redeem on any android device in the amounts of $10 $25 and $50 which will then allow you to use them on the Google Play store to gain all kinds of premium content like paid apps, paid games and even buy premium content from the games that you play. Google Play is a major part of owning a android phone and you are going to want premium content so why pay for it?

  • Are our Free Google Play Codes safe?

  • The simple answer to that is YES! All of the codes we supply using our Google Play code generator all codes that we use in our program are codes that were legitmately purchased. They are all given to us by sponsors. Some give us hundreds daily well others give us thousands a week or every couple days. So yes we gurantee that these codes will not only work but are completely safe to use on your Android.

  • So how do we obtain Free Google Play Codes ?

  • You obtain these codes by using our Google Play Code Generator which will allow you to get unlimited amount of free google play code in a matter of seconds. These codes are all legit as you can read above and will be safe to use. You can start getting these codes by scrolling to the top of this web page and selecting $10,$25 or $50. Please note sometimes $50 codes are not in stock as they are the most valuable so they get taken quicker!